As we journey through life, the chaotic nature of reality, the disappointments and pain we all feel, can seem to be random.

The symbols left behind by our ancestors, however, show us that there are patterns repeating themselves within these turbulent events.

A popular example of a symbol is that of the phoenix, a magical bird which dies by fire and is reborn from its own ashes. As a symbol, this bird can remind us of the concept of resurrection: when something dies, something new and of equal value takes its place.

This aspect of symbolism does not necessarily imply that “History repeats itself.” Rather, it shows that there are elements of the human experience that do repeat themselves.

By coming to recognize these repeating patterns, and even by learning to speak the language of symbolism, we can gain a sense of connection with our ancestors and with our universe. We can also leave behind a record of our learning for future generations.

A prodigious challenge humanity faces today is the rise of automation. Computer technology, with its incredible capacity for memory and repetition, renders the common man obsolete in his efforts to work for his bread.

This is where my own story begins. I have worked professionally as a writer, a teacher, and a designer, and all three of these career fields are experiencing the pain of automation. Rather than continually run from the chaos, I now strive to understand automation thoroughly, and hope to find an intersection with my love for symbolism.

BlueSanta.Studio is a record of my journey and a place on the web to reach out to others.

At this time, my focus is primarily on developing my skills in natural language processing and machine learning, but the reader will find many other topics represented here as well.